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Así como el asfalto esconde al viejo empedrado de las calles, la historia oficial esconde ese empate de olvidos y recuerdos que forman la memoria colectiva de nuestro damero urbano. Este weblog de voces múltiples nos habla de un espacio en común habitado por mundos a descubrir ¡vamos a andar!

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martes, marzo 06, 2007

People moving on (Gente en movimiento)

This blog takes place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, an almost fourteen millon human beens city; and we've a repoter blogger in Córdoba, the second city of our country, about two millon souls in population.
We wish or attempt to talk about our Town: "she" (as a living female creature, such any other megalopolis around the world) and her people.

The present post: People moving on, is our first entrance in english. Our intention is post in this language as often as possible (most of the contributors can write in this language, apologizing theirselves for their error or mistakes -me the first-, both in translation or grammatical matters, in spite of this we hope you can understand us).
How can i describe to you our city? Buenos Aires is not like Paris, London, Moskow or New York; we haven´t something like the Tour Eiffel, the Big Ben, the Red Square or the Empire State Building... It´s not a place in an amazing landscape like Río de Janeiro, San Francisco, Genever, Cape Town or Napoli; neither is a futurist town like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Berlin and so. She isn´t as ancient as Glasgow, Madrid, Beijing, El Cairo, Rome or Dubrovnik and hasn´t the glamour of Stockolm, Milano, Venice, München, Bombay, Salvador do Bahía and so many charmes and excentrics sites in the world. She looks like... ¿Chicago? ¡Excuse me! beyond the differences between the first and the third world of course, but Chicago, its history, location... mmmhhh, i think you must help us.
I´m talking, of course, for those who never come here. We´re (we know that) in the ass hole of earth, so far where the world is management as you can imaging; but it really doesn´t matter for this blog.
Buenos Aires is one of the biggest cities over the earth face; she is not an impresionant one, but believe me, she is huge and special. Without the espectaculars scenes of N. Y. or San Francisco entrances, the beauty of our town lives in her culture, the myths of her corners, her by night, the tango scence...
Seattled beside the widest river on the world (the "Sweet Sea" the spanish conquerors called it, almost five hundred years ago), fifty miles separed her from Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay) in the front coast, which only can be see from the highest points near the river, over twenty floors in tall.
"La Reina del Plata" (The Queen of the Plata) is, in fact, several cities inside a bigger one. Walking along the cristal and iron towers of the down town, the same you can found in Dallas, Phoenix or any other american city, in a few hundred yards you meet yourself in streets which really seems a french or spanish one... the cosmopolitan soul that the massive inmigration gave her can surprise you: in some place there is a cross between Palestina and Estado de Israel streets named, no so far from commercial districts where middle east people descendents from both religions, take "mate" togheter. Larges communities lives among the "criollos" (mixed from naturals and spanish colony) and sons and grandsons of italian, spanish, and syrian inmigrants: koreans, chinese, russians, polish, ucranians, germans, japaneses, armenians, judish from all eastern europe, some african and centroamerican people recently arrived (in the '90) and a dozen of importants communities that have arrived here in differents historic circunstances (persecutios, hungry, WWI, WWII, "land of dreams"...) a great number of people of our heighbours countries are here too: Bolivia, Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay...
In the beggining we thought to post about the history, culture, experiences, beuties, troubles, madness, curiosities and others amazing things that here occurs, just in our land; but we prefer invite all of you to ask us about the matters you are interesting for: we´re a number of different bloggers who join in "Stoneroads" (Empedrados) to talk with different voices about "our own and particullary world inside the big city"
Anything else to say in this first post? I don´t think so. We´re rigth in the south, in one city that never extraordinary had happened during a hundred year until Malvinas war; now the world is a smaller place than before. And here, just like there, wherever you stay, are people moving on... ¿where? i think we don´t know yet; however over there or near by, the humanity is now sailing in the same trouble waters...
Are you travelling here soon? What do you want to know? Do you wish to hear about our way of life, our best sites, our dangerous points, our unforggetables places? Here we are: try us.
Let us say you: be our guests, be our critics; have you already been in Buenos Aires? then we are expecting for your tales, your feelings... meanwhile, we´ll post in english again.
And if you are a fellow countryman in foreing shores, let we know abuot your journey, your experiences, yours remembers and hopes.
This is only the beggining, we´ll waiting for your comments.
See you soon, thanks for visit our website and welcome.

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