Empedrados de Buenos Aires

Así como el asfalto esconde al viejo empedrado de las calles, la historia oficial esconde ese empate de olvidos y recuerdos que forman la memoria colectiva de nuestro damero urbano. Este weblog de voces múltiples nos habla de un espacio en común habitado por mundos a descubrir ¡vamos a andar!

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lunes, mayo 07, 2007

One Thousand Faces City I: Buenos Aires, an amazing mix

Stone shout: Le Park tower seems to reach Palermo's cloudy sky.

The tradition is alive: Sunday afternoon, in Mataderos neighbourhood takes place "Gauchos" shows; in the picture, "La sortija", a sort of game: catch a little ring with a small stick in a horse race.

On the hottests days of Buenos Aires summer, anything is usefull to refresh oneself.

A view of "North Catalinas" from de roof of Olivetti Building, over thirty floors in high.

Presidente Illia Highway. Buenos Aires traffic: such a mess!!

The "Riachuelo" in "La Boca". One of the most contaminated rivers around the world, is crossing by smalls boats carring people to one shore to another; today a colour note for the tourists moustly.

The everyday cars crashes: the "porteños" (Buenos Aires citizens) are, really, suicide-killers' drivers.

The old fashion and the new fashion: the fascination and glamour of "Puerto Madero" at the doors of the great river and the backs of the downtown.

Taking a rest in front of Malvinas War Memorial.

If you want particullary images of the city, please leave your comments: we're waiting for.

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